Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doughnuts Jamun - Doughnut with Sugar syrup(chashni)

This is a very tasty and quick to make sweet dish. It is a Indian version of sweet dish using doughnuts. Indian sweet dishes contain more sweetness and therefore we have come up with this dish by adding more sweetness to the doughnut.

It can be prepared withing few minutes and can be served as desert after dinner.


- Doughnuts
- Sugar Syrup
- Cardamom Powder (ilaychi powder)

- Cut each Doughnut into 8 pieces.
- Heat the Sugar Syrup to lukewarm temperature.
- Mix cardamom powder (ilayachi powder) into syrup
- Mix the pieces of Doughnut into warm sugar syrup.
- Let it cool down for few minutes.

Serve two pieces of doughnuts in small bowl with little sugar syrup on top of it. (Just like Gulab Jamun is served).
If you like Gulab Jamun then you would definitely love this one too.